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To support your digital plan and support you to be data-driven. We provide managed IT services including ICT solution design,  data analysis,  data management, and more.

System Design

Get a quote today and you will know how you can save money with a local expert team to design, develop, and manage your own system. So we can start tracking traffic for future improvement.

User Activation/Retention

It's an iteration process to improve your user conversion rate and retention rate. . By building your own BI solution, we can help you to gain a higher ROI from your businesses.

Promotion Management

You may engage with tens of different marketing channels or even more in your business. We help you to find and manage the ROI of each channel so you know where you should invest more.

Data Modelling

Data is everywhere. As a model business, you will meet data consciously or unconsciously. We help you to get those data sorted and make them ready for analysing and feeding the BI solutions.

Data Warehouse Design

Depending on the data volume, we may build an ETL process and a data warehouse for both managing your data, backing up your data, and analysing your data.

Smart Industry Solutions

We design, implement, and operate your own smart solutions which are designed for your business only.

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