Business Intelligence Solutions

Data is everywhere. As a business, you will meet data consciously or unconsciously. It may be your website traffic, social media traffic, income statement, cash flow, project management report, risks, resources allocation timetable, etc... We help you to dig insights from your data which will help you to boost your business for real.

BI Solution Design

With a team of BI professionals, we can provide a comprehensive solution to cover all parts and phases of your BI projects. We can also provide services to support one part or one phase of a BI project. 

Data Model Design

For small-medium size BI projects, normally it is not necessary to deploy a data warehouse for the ETL process. We can directly use your existing dataset and transform it into a BI-ready data model. If you don’t currently have a way to capture data, we can build a solution to help you to collect data as well. 

Data Warehouse Design

It’s common if you have multiple data sources with a large volume of data. Don’t worry, we can help you to build an ETL process and a data warehouse for both managing your data, backing up your data, and analysing your data. 

Report/Dashboard Design & Development

Report/Dashboard is the place where we present insights and knowledge from your data. It will support your strategy implementation and BAUs. 

Deliver, Manage, or Embed

Our BI experts can deliver your report/dashboard to your own BI system on either cloud or on-premise. We can also manage reports/dashboards for you. If you need to embed it into your own app/product, our team will find the best way to embed it. 

Support / Training

As a local team, we provide both on-site support and online support. Our team members will help you before and after your project. We also provide training services so you can get familiar with your brand new BI report and start digging value from it. 

Successful History

300+ successfully deployed BI dashboards

Business Intelligence can be simple or complex. It’s up to you. We deliver complex BI projects with data entry portals, a data warehouse to process data from multiple data sources, and multiple level reports and dashboards. We also deliver small BI projects with a spreadsheet as the data source and reports as the outcome.  

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Why do our solutions work?

Based on Your Business Model

Match Your Business Model

A good solution is a solution that can match your business so it can create value for real.

We Listen

We listen, collect, analyse, and communicate your requirements. We believe that's the key to understand your business and hence design a solution for you.

Support & Training

We provide training services as well, so you can get familiar with your brand new BI report and start digging value from it.

BI solutions to cover all parts

We will also cover all parts of a BI project including data collection, data model, data warehouse, report, dashboard, embedding, and hosting. You might not need all of them but we can create value for you from a comprehensive BI project designed for you only.

BI solutions to cover all phases​

We will cover all phases of a BI project from solutioning to management. Based on your requirement and current situation, we will deliver what is suitable for you. We want to create as much value as possible for you from a BI project. 

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